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Ceyoniq Technolgy GmBH
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Business iT Solutions CC
Our product range is manifold. We supply hard-and software solutions for the home and small business sector as well as for medium to large companies and organisations. Our focus however is on the following hard- and software:

“Built your own PC” is a new initiative by BiTS.
We have observed that the standard computers available at various shops and suppliers in Namibia very often do not comply with certain application areas. We therefore decided to assemble computers according to your requirements.
As an example: you do a lot of graphical work (imaging, video, CAD)? Then one component of your computer should be a powerful graphic card. Most onboard graphic chips do not offer enough “graphical power”. You will have to add an additional graphic card with 4 GB of memory or more. Such a graphic card requires a larger power supply unit (PSU) than the default one. This is when you already start customizing your PC. You will have to buy a graphic card and a stronger PSU. But what happens to the default PSU, as you have already paid for it?
The “Built your own PC” initiative is aimed to exactly configure your hardware for your needs, without having to pay the full price for a new PC and then start exchanging components at additional costs.

Built your own PC
nscale7 vecto - The Information Platform
nscale7 vecto combines Document Management, Enterprise Content Management and Business Process Management. nscale 7 vecto is a solution to conveniently and securely organize and archive the flow of information within your company, whenever and wherever you need it.
Ceyoniq Technology GmbH
F-Secure Anti Virus
We supply and install F-Secure Anti Virus software to protect your valuable photos, passwords and trusted online relationships. Contact us for more details.
With over 60,000 installations worldwide, Astaro – now a Sophos company - protects business, school and government networks against IT security threats. Astaro Security Gateway combines the latest technologies in all-in-one solutions that are easy to manage, providing complete protection for headquarters, branch offices and data centers.
Content Management
We make use of various Web Application Toolkits, which allows us to run impressive websites and build powerful online applications. They have received praise for many things, but we belive the highlights are ease of use, quick and easy development, security and performance and lastly flexibility.
Content Management System
Internet Kiosk & Digital Signage
Linutop offers a completely silent, energy-efficient operation in an extremely small and robust package running on Linutop OS.
Linutop OS is an optimized and secured system designed for Web access, Digital signage and Office/Factory work.
It is equiped with Linutop Kiosk a dedicated software for Webkiosk and Digital signage.
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